Sydney’s Livin’ Large at the Loews Atlanta Hotel

photo: Loews Hotels


Sydney’s Livin’ Large at the Loews Atlanta Hotel

September 11, 2013

Mates, the Loews Hotels not only welcomes us pets, they’re rolling out the red carpet everywhere you turn.


I’m here in Midtown, Atlanta, in the heart of the city’s Midtown Mile.  What a spot.  The hotel is a very pleasant walk to leading businesses and world renowned cultural venues for the humans such as the Woodruff Arts Center, the High Museum of Art, the historic Fox Theatre, the beautiful Atlanta Botanical Gardens and my personal favorite that includes us canines, Piedmont Park featuring one of the top ten dog parks in the country!


I gotta tell ya mates, these digs will make you drool.  This boutique hotel has 414 luxurious rooms and 44 suites that put the "excellent" back in excellence.  The Loews Hotels are at the forefront of the pet travel trend and offer the latest in services, conveniences and comforts, from pet-sitting services while your human is out and about, to gourmet pet meals and amenities that have got my tail waggin’.


Check out some of these services.


The Very Important Pet Package.
A very special bag of welcoming pet goodies (and treats!) to make us feel at home, including a special pet placemat, food & water bowls, a Loews dog tag, a special pet "Do Not Disturb" sign that let’s everyone know you’re in the room, and waste bags for your walk.  Plus, there's a whole info package of preferred pet services in the area, walking routes, pet friendly restaurants, vets, groomers and pet sitters.  The works!


One of my favorites is the Invent Your Day program, where the concierge staff helps your human plan your pet friendly trip before you even arrive.  The concierge team has created a checklist including activities you like, sightseeing & shopping, dining options and  even cocktail spots that welcome us canines.  You and your human just check off your favorites and e-mail it back before your arrival and the Loews staff will take it from there, planning an itinerary with your pleasure in mind.  This kind of service and attention to pet detail is off the hook!

They've thought of everything!  Comfy dog beds for pups of all sizes,  (They even have ‘em for cats).  Leashes and collars, kitty boxes with litter and pooper-scoopers and a special Puppy Pager that enables the hotel staff to contact your human in case of an emergency.


The dee-lightful toy menu includes rawhide bones, toys, catnip and scratching poles. And speakin’ of the menu, whoooo-eee, they have got it goin’ on.  Chef Oliver Gaupin is not only an award winnin’ chef for humans, but he and a licensed vet have created a whole menu with us pets in mind (not to mention, he’s a mighty nice fella, even if he isn’t from the Outback).


I’m tellin’ you square, once you experience the Loews treatment you’ll want to try out all their hotels.  Loews has even created a series of special learning vacations for two & four footers:

Su’ ruff Camp - at Loews Coronado Bay Resort, where pups can learn to surf.

Hound of Music - at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, where dogs can record a professional CD in Music City.

Outward Hound - Denver’s Loews Hotel features a package for nature lovers who can’t resist the call of the wild.


And if you’re plannin’ a fall trip to the big ATL, don’t miss a new Loews Atlanta Halloween tradition—Costumes on the Woof.  (Personally, this pup is bookin’ it now!)


As always, us four footers need to be on our best behavior.  You and you human can check out the pet policies plus the full range of services this fine establishment has to offer at


G’Day, Loews.  Sydney will be back before you know it!!


photos:, Loews Hotels

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