“We All Love Our Pets” Delivers Meals to Seniors and Their Beloved Pets.

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“We All Love Our Pets” Delivers Meals to Seniors and Their Beloved Pets.

January 6, 2014

Meals On Wheels (MOWWAA) has created a division that makes possible the inclusion of pets--We All Love Our Pets (WALOP).


Often, Meals on Wheels provides the only meal and the only human contact a senior has on any given day.  What was becoming apparent to the organization was that the seniors were sharing what little food they had with their beloved pets.

The WALOP initiative makes it possible for Meals on Wheels to deliver pet food to the seniors they serve.  Created in 2006, the organization helps keep senior’s companion pets--often their only family member--well nourished and healthy. 


The Banfield Charitable Trust has offered grants to member programs across the country since 2007.  Funding is made possible through their “Seasons of Suppers” campaign which runs each year from November 1-December 31.  During the campaign, monetary and pet food donations are collected at nearly 800 Banfield Pet Hospitals nationwide.  The food is distributed to homebound senior pet owners and monetary doations are distributed in the form of grants every spring and fall.

Donations are critical to this program to sustain their efforts and you can help.  Contact your local Meals On Wheels chapter to find out how you can contribute pet food, monies, or time.  pz

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