Seeing Eye Dogs Become Guides For Blind Dogs


Seeing Eye Dogs Become Guides For Blind Dogs

January 20, 2014

Guide dogs are invaluable to the human blind.  But what if the dog is blind?


Many dogs have been featured in the news lately for stepping up to the plate (unasked) and becoming guide dogs for their canine companions. 

In each and every cast, the guide dog has instinctively assumed the role of guide. From that moment on, the dogs become virtually inseparable.  Bonnie & Clyde, a pair of rescued Border Collies, are a perfect example.  Clyde is blind and relies completely on Bonnie to navigate (quite successfully, in fact).  But there’s more to it.  Blind dogs are comforted by their guide companions and are almost always in close physical contact.


Leo, an adult German Shepherd, took a blind Cavalier puppy under his paw when his humans adopted him.  Ellie, the pup, is protected and guided by Leo, at home and at the park, where he herds boisterous dogs away from her.

Blind dogs with guide dogs live happy, highly functional lives thanks to their companions and have even inspired new products to help them feel more comfortable in their environments.  Tracerz (tm) are scent markers that help blind pets build a mental map of their indoor environment.  The markers are a blend of essential oils on an adhesive dot that help pets distinguish obstacles and paths and help support the efforts of the guide dogs.


There is no definitive data to suggest why dogs assume quite naturally the role of guide and caretaker to their fellow canines.

We may never know but once again are left to marvel at the level of instinct and unconditional love dogs seem to possess, even for each other.

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