Manly Men Confess Their Love of Cats

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Manly Men Confess Their Love of Cats

January 13, 2014

Lookout Bowser, you’ve got competition.  The Manly Men are coming out of the closet and embracing their feline side.


A growing number of single (and yes, heterosexual) men are giving the felines the due they deserve.  These guy-guys are posting photos on FaceBook, Tweeting their love and visiting websites like in record numbers.

In fact, these brazen lovers of the fluffy set are posting photos of Puff online and framing kitten snaps for their very corporate desktops.  Look closely.  Even muscled mechanics have Tabby’s profile push pinned to their cork boards.


Men in all walks of life are jumping into the kitty parade.  The comedian, Mark Maron produces his weekly podcast from a place he calls The Cat Ranch.  Tall, muscled, beer drinking, football watching, pickup-hoops playing guys are proudly proclaiming their devotion to their cats.  Bartenders, boxers, and semi-pro football players are wearing cat t-shirts and paying by checks that sport cute little cats on them.  (Really).

The ranks of Cat Guys (as they prefer to be referred to) are growing every day.  According to Cat Guys, one evening of hanging out with a cat will change the opinion of who’s really “man’s best friend.” 


Sandra DeFeo, an executive director of the Humane Society of New York, said she has seen a significant rise in the number of cat adoptions by single straight men.  Carole Willbourne, a cat therapist in Manhattan said that the number of her single straight male clients has risen 25% in the last five years.  When the website, did a survey on, “Do Real Men Own Cats?” nearly 84% of the respondents said yes.  One reader commented, “Only intelligent, aware, caring men love cats.”

And these intelligent, aware and caring men are in good company.  Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, and Victor Hugo were cat lovers.  And who can forget the famous scene in The Godfather, where Marlon Brando’s key prop was a stray cat he found on the lot and incorporated it into the scene.  For real.


Cat guys are secure in their cat-dom.  One manly man remarked that he is, “sharing space with a predator.”  Another (and a favorite) commented,

Our News team has found proof positive in the following video.  Cat Guys Rock!

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