The Benefits of Aromatherapy for Your Cat

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The Benefits of Aromatherapy for Your Cat

October 1, 2013

The use of scent in healing dates back as far as the Old Kingdon in ancient Egypt to promote healing and stimulate the immune system.  By pressing, or extracting the product of aromatic plants, these essences reportedly have properties that act as tonics, antibacterial, antispasmodics and have anti-anxiety effects.


Before we get into the possible health benefits to your cat, a word of caution. Using aromatherapy for your cat requires restraint starting with their sense of smell, which is about 14 times more sensitive than our own. Do not share your essential oils with your pet as they react differently to various holistic compounds, which could include liver damage and potential death.  So no diluting, spraying, rubbing or sharing your oils with your cat.  Period.

Now, the good stuff.
Hydrosols (commonly referred to as Mists)


Hydrosols are 100% non-alcoholic waters drawn from the aromatherapy still.  These are quite safe, and can be sprayed on your cat’s environment.  Never spray your cat directly and if you do spray a cat’s environment make sure they have an escape route if it’s not their cup of tea.  So keep it out of your carrier or cage.


These elements are safe hydrosols, used singly or in combination.

Calming: lavender, rose and scented geranium.

Comfort:  calendula.

Courage:  sweet pea, yarrow.

Depression:  jasmine.


Avoid all synthetic oils.  Essential oils always come from living organic matter and cannot be duplicated in a laboratory.

Essential oils to avoid. (just in case you’re tempted).









Mandarin Orange














Many hydrosols are formulated specifically for your dog or cat and can be found in your local pet store or holistic foods specialty shops.


So breathe deep and enjoy the benefits of scent---with kitty in tow!

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