Pets Suffer From Seasonal Allergies Just Like Their Humans.  What To Do.

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Pets Suffer From Seasonal Allergies Just Like Their Humans.  What To Do.

March 4, 2014

When you’re snuffling and sneezing from seasonal allergies, remember that your pets may be feeling much the same way.  They just have ways of hiding it.


How to identify your pet’s allergies can be tricky.  Dogs and cats don’t necessarily exhibit the same symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes.  The allergy organs in dogs are located in their skin.  Often you may notice your dog’s skin is hot to the touch.  Then it turns itchy so dogs lick and bite and scratch and roll. 

So pay attention humans.  If your dog starts shaking his head, licking his feet, rubs on the furniture or has a strange new odor, it’s time for the vet.


About 15-30 percent of dogs are allergic to the season’s grasses, trees and flowers, just like humans.  But unlike humans, the medications are not the same.  Never, and we mean NEVER treat your pet with human antihistamines or other drugs made for people.  There are new drugs on the market and treatments that are very effective and available under the supervision of your veterinarian.

Our feline pals are also susceptible, but secretive.  (Sounds like a cat, no?)


Again, allergies present in the skin.  We know Fluffy likes to lick but if she insists on licking, licking, licking, there’s something going on.  If left untreated your poor cat will not only be miserable, but bald.  With a simple allergy test, your vet can determine the cause of the problem and act to solve it.


So pay attention to more than your own nose this season, and get outside and have fun!  All of you.  pz

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