Keeping Your Dog Calm During a Thunderstorm

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Keeping Your Dog Calm During a Thunderstorm

March 11, 2014

More dogs than you think are “thunder-phobic.”  Symptoms include nervous panting and pacing, destruction, hyperactivity and just plain crawling in the tub or behind the bed.


In most cases, the fear has no history or explanation.  Never the less, your pooch may think the world is coming to an end and you’re left feeling helpless.

Enter pet-zet, with a few easy tips to try and smooth down that ruffled fur.


Show Affection
Cuddle with your dog and keep him close to you.  It will help to alleviate his fear.

Designate “Safe Spaces”
Your dog may feel more comfortable during a storm in a confined space.  Their crate,
under the bed, the closet…even the bathtub.  These spaces muffle sounds and give them a sense of security.


Provide Cover
When you were a child you may have hidden under the covers during a storm.  Ditto for your dog.  If your pup feels safe under the covers bring his blanket to whatever safe area he’s chosen.

Sound Therapy
Dogs respond to soft music much the way humans do.  Start by introducing your own “puppy spa” sounds when there is no storm in sight.  Playing this familiar music helps your dog associate the sound with “all is well”—even during a storm.


Counter Classical Training
Basically, it’s the old bait & switch.  At the first sign of a storm do something that you dog absolutely loves before anxiety gets built up.  High value rewards like treats, games, or toys help to keep your pet occupied on the positive.


Anxiety Wraps
The “hugging effect” was originally used very successfully in cattle to calm them during stressful periods.  The CalmCoat™, now available from the pet product development team at BH Pet Gear is a great, drug free solution to keep your dog calm and comfortable during summer’s storms and the tumult of 4th of July fireworks celebrations.  The coat which is manufactured under a licence with the American Kennel Club applies a gentle compression on the dog’s torso and is similar to swaddling a newborn.  It’s a peaceful and healthful solution for both your pet...and you!  Available nationwide at pet retailers or at

With a few preparations you and your dog can weather the storm and come up smiling.  pz

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