Common Plants That Are Poisonous To Your Pets

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Common Plants That Are Poisonous To Your Pets

January 14, 2014

We know your pets love your gardens as much as you do.  But there are dangers that you can avoid when Rover & Puffy start eyeing your new plants.

Dogs, for sure, but even cats can have a penchant for eating strange things, especially vegetation.  Planting varietals that are known to be safe is a good start, but when Rover’s on the move during his evening walk, you need to be on your guard for plants along your walking route as well.

The ASPCA has an online guide to poisonous plants for cats and dogs but we’ve put together a short list that may surprise you.  As always, if your pet exhibits vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, abnormal urination, salivation, weakness or any abnormal behaviors...get to the vet immediately.  Some of these poisons are fast acting and can kill.



Amaryllis.  Often used as a garden ornamental. 


Baby’s Breath



Castor Bean (popular in public gardens-watch for it on walks)





Ivy (California, Branching, Glacier, Needlepoint, Sweetheart, English)

Lilies (especially toxic to cats)

Milkweed (often planted to attract butterflies, but deadly to dogs & cats)

Morning Glory


With a sharp eye and a little information, you and your pets will have a safe and beautifully planted summer. 


For a full list of plants to avoid, go to  pz

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