Common Mistakes Humans Make With Their Dogs.

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Common Mistakes Humans Make With Their Dogs.

January 28, 2014

Dear Humans:
You may think that you and Bowser over there think the same.  But you’re wrong, and veteran dog expert, Angie Woods is here to tell you why.


First things first.  You-Human.  Bowser-Dog.  Better get that straight right off the bat. 

“A dog has a different brain than we do,” explains veteran trainer and generally acclaimed dog whisperer, Angie Woods.  “They do not process the same and they do not think the same.”


Turns out trying to transform your dog into a human with human emotions is one of the top mistakes humans make.


“I’m not saying, ‘Don’t love your dog.’  Pet your dog and love your dog but you should do it when he is at zero-very calm and not begging.  You invite him,” says Woods.


Reinforcing unstable behavior is another common mistake.  For example, you’re minding your own business at the park and a dog comes at you barking its head off and it’s human is holding him back, petting him and telling him to calm down and everything’s ok.


“Well see, the person is actually promoting that behavior.  They think they’re calming him down but they’re telling him, ‘Good job for barking at that lady!’”
According to Woods, the best dogs have boundaries.

“When you’re raising children, you let them know, ‘Don’t do this and don’t do that.  We don’t do that with dogs,” explains Woods.


Another key is plenty of fresh air and exercise and the backyard ain’t gonna cut it.  Woods recommends at least an hour a day for a medium energy dog and over an hour for a high test pup.

“If he doesn’t exercise every day, where is he going to put the energy?  He’s going to choose an inappropriate way to display that energy.  He’s bored,” says Woods.


Think of it this way.  You need the exercise just as much as your dog does.

Another great tool.  The leash.  Woods recommends a wakeup tug on the leash or bumping the dog with the tips of your fingers.  But go easy.  Physical force and raising your voice will backfire on you and exacerbate each and every behavioral problem.


Angie Woods has been giving dogs a leg up with their behavior problems for more than 20 years.  She has been labeled the “Dr. Phil” of the dog world.  For dog owners who want real techniques that really work, Angie delivers real solutions with her tell it like it is approach.  For more on this topic (and many more great reads) go to Angie’s website


And be sure to check in with us at every Tuesday for much more info from one of our favorite experts!  pz


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