Meet the Pups Behind the “Beverly Hills Nannies” Star, Marika Tsircou.

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Meet the Pups Behind the “Beverly Hills Nannies” Star, Marika Tsircou.

October 18, 2013

Welcome, once again, to’s celebrity column.  In a rare, column swapping move (ok, ok, so it’s not that rare) we’ve sent our intrepid traveler, Sydney, to chic & sunny Beverly Hills to have a little sit down time with fellow Aussie and Mini-Labradoodle, Reagan Tsircou and his trusty Yorkiepoo companion, Nancy.


We join Sydney’s interview in progress.

Sydney, in hushed tones...(G’Day mates...seems we’ve stepped into a bit of a, ahem,  “discussion”  between the pups.  Let’s have a look).

NANCY:   “She’s an artist!”

REAGAN:  “She’s a TV Star!”

NANCY:  “She’s an artist.!”

REAGAN:  “She’s a TV Star!”

SYDNEY:   “Ahem mates g’’s Sydney here on behalf of pet-zet...we had an interview.....”

NANCY & REAGAN TOGETHER;  “She’s an artist.  She’s a TV Star.  She’s a Mommy.  And most importantly, she’s OUR Mommy!”

SYDNEY:   What can we say fans, you heard it straight from the Yorkiepoo and Mini Labradoodle’s mouths (and you know, us dogs know EVERYTHING).

The Mum of the story is, of course, the multi-faceted, multi-tasking and (if I do   say so me-self) simply stunning star of ABC’s breakout reality hit, “Beverly Hills Nannies.”  While the show is meant to focus on the nannies, this Mum has stolen the stage and become a surprise viewer favorite.  And that’s none other than Nancy & Reagan’s Main Mum, Marika Tsircou.

REAGAN: “Surprise favorite?...I’m not surprised... Nancy, you surprised?”
NANCY: “Yorkiepoos don’t get surprised,  MR. Labradoodle.  We’re intuitive.
REAGAN: “That’s Mr. MINI Labradoodle to you, thank you very much.”

SYDNEY:  Uh, it seems Nancy has temporarily left the interview--hey, was that a “ look?”

A successful abstract artist, about 18 months ago Mum Marika did   something extraordinarily special for her precious pups. 

She brought home a baby.

“I knew they were sweet pups but Nancy and Reagan absolutely fell in love with baby Xander the moment they saw him,” said Tsircou.  “They sleep outside the nursery door and follow him everywhere he goes.”

REAGAN:  Of course we do...we asked for a baby for like, A YEAR, right Nancy?
Nancy, for Pete’s sake, come back here, we’re being interviewed.

SYDNEY: So Reagan, back to you for a sec.  A little pup told us you came all the way to the U.S.A. on a very special flight.

REAGAN:   That’s right mate, eight years ago when I was just a nipper, my parents flew me all   the way from down under on Quanta Airlines.  First class all the way.  And when they saw how much I loved me little dogs at the dog park, they went out and   found my bosom buddy and chief confidant, Nancy.  My humans are totally all aces, if you catch my drift. 

SYDNEY:  Drift fielded, my friend.  So now that you’ve been ensconced in the good life here in the Land of Beverly, what are your days like with a TV star.

REAGAN: Well, you know, Sydney, Mum’s top drawer.  Me and the Nance used to go to her studio to inspire her painting and we knew right off she had star quality.  When   ABC came calling we knew it was fate come callin’.

SYDNEY: Now that “Beverly Hills Nannies” is such a hit, are you sprucin’ up for your closeup?

REAGAN: Not at all, mate, Nance & me have a baby to take care of.  It’s the greatest.  We sleep under his crib, give him the love licks and  keep tabs on him wherever he goes (and he’s startin’ to FLY around the house).  That Xander, he’s a good lad, always holdin’ out his wee hand with a treat for us four footers. 

And, keep this off the record, mate, but we taught him to talk when no one was lookin’.  That’s right. One of his first words was “Doggie.” 

NANCY re-enters: I taught him that!

REAGAN:  Wrong-o little fluffy one. 

NANCY:  Not so!  And you need a haircut.

REAGAN:  Well your bow’s crooked!

NANCY:  Which you love.

REAGAN:  It is cute, my little one.  (lick lick)

NANCY:  And you’re my wooly sheepdog boy.  (lick lick back)

SYDNEY, tiptoeing out on all four feet: Well, p-z fans, this concludes another exclusive on the inside lives of celebrity pets.  This is Sydney here, keepin’ his nose down and headed back to my trusty travel column.  See you there!

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