Meet Asta, Super Sleuth From the 1930’s Thin Man Series

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Meet Asta, Super Sleuth From the 1930’s Thin Man Series

February 21, 2014

Some dogs just do not grow old.  Asta, the ever-present urbane canine who appeared in the screwball Thin Man series of the 1930’s still maintains a fan base in 2014.  That’s right, fans of this beloved wirehaired terrier can still revisit his antics on


For those of you who haven’t met, Asta was the extremely astute and brainy canine sidekick to Nick and Nora in the popular depression era move comedies.  The characters were drawn from the 1933 novel, The Thin Man, by Dashiell Hammett.  (However, in the novel, the dog was a schnauzer named Skippy).

In the movies, Nick & Nora are a fabulously wealthy couple who are witty, dressed to the nines, drink endless cocktails, sleep ‘till noon, and can’t seem to keep out of murder mysteries.  It was heralded as an escapist series for moviegoers caught in the midst of the Great Depression.


But what about that dog?  While Nick was adjusting his cravat and Nora her feather boa, Asta was busy finding clues, and created diversions to keep mom and pop out of tight spots.  He’s goofy, whip smart and protective.

But most of all, Asta, like our own beloved pets, added that certain something that just made the Charles’ house a home.


It’s easy to forget that the dog on screen is actually an actor, just like the rest of the working stiffs, who repeated his actions take after take until he heard the words every actor lives for.  “It’s a print!”


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