He’s Cool, Mellow and, Well,  Yellow.  Meet Lester, the LARABAR Mascot.  


He’s Cool, Mellow and, Well,  Yellow.  Meet Lester, the LARABAR Mascot.

December 20, 2013

(oh boy, he’s singing again!)  They call me Mellow Yellow (quite right-tee)  Ah ha, they call me Mellow Yellow....


WHOA PUPS & KITS!   (as my feline buddy BOB would say)  what is on the happenin’ side?

The name’s Lester, and I’m just livin’ the healthy life out here in sunny Cali with My Main Mom, Lara.  Now if that name seems a little familiar, it may be because you’ve seen those tasty and super fun LARABAR energy bars everywhere --and I mean all-over-the-world kind of everywhere.  That’s right, my Main Mom is THE LARA in LARABAR and she lives strictly on the c-o-o-l side of the street.


Now she came up with the idea for those yummy bars just a touch before my time but I was alongside for most of the ride, always lending a helping paw--giving my olfactory opinions on new flavors, field testing treats, and generally inspiring the staff.  It was a work-a-dog’s life back in Denver, where we started the company.  Mom biked me to work bright & early every day in my special Lester On Wheels Sidekick Cart and then I settled in to a full day of chillin’ out the staff.  (We dogs reduce stress, you know.  It’s a proven fact...look it up!) She also belives in us canines helping others which is why she supports the wonderful organization Canine Companions for Independence.  


At the office, my duties were many.  Chatting up the troops to keep up morale, wagging the tail when I thought the flavor mix was right and putting those high-strung, big city PR people through their paces (they needed a LOT of walking).  Generally, I was the Mood Man, keeping the dial set on Upbeat Chill (a delicate balance, I can tell ya).

A few years back we packed up and headed west where I sniffed out a tasty life full of sun & fun with my new baby human, Oliver.  We go everywhere together.  Swimming, tennis, even trick or treating (Mom picked out the Red Baron costume...I think it’s simply Uber--which also happens to be the name of her newest energy bar--but that’s another story!)


Yep, could say my life has gone to the dogs.  Nine of them, in fact.  They’re my new neighbors. We meet up every night to chew the bone and generally tell tails of our respective humans.  (Quite an eccentric bunch here in LA. --a dog can hardly keep up).

Ah Oh...what’s that smell.  Mom’s makin’ my FAVORITE.  Popcorn!  I’m off!  I have to give it the sniff to tell her it’s perfection.  Just like always.

Until next time pups & kits.  BOB On!

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