Dogs & Cats Have Gone Country (And their humans are famous!)

Miranda Lambert -


Dogs & Cats Have Gone Country (And their humans are famous!)

January 10, 2014

Some of the biggest names on the country music scene are putting their hearts and their fame behind animal rescues and charitable events for animals.  Even if you prefer Beethoven to Blake Shelton, you’ve gotta give these four country lady legends credit for their pet loving and pet saving efforts.


Underwood is the proud momma of two rescue pups, Ace and Penny.  The American Idol winner grew up with rescuing pets and even with her touring and recording schedule she makes time to help animals in need.  Her involvement with the Human Society of the United States raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and her role as the official spokesperson for Pedigree’s adoption drive helps create adoption awareness nationwide.


Okay so the girl serial dates and writes songs about it.  But who’s her longtime #1 squeeze?  Meredith, her cat, to whom Swift proclaims true love.  With her own Twitter feed, Meredith’s country star sidekick life keeps fans up to date on life on the road with her superstar mom.


She may have a rep as the bad girl of country music but if you’re a four footer you have nothing to fear.  Lambert recently made headlines rescuing a puppy that had been abandoned on a highway. (Which she added to her brood of six rescued dogs).   As the founder of MuttNation, she continually raises awareness and funds to help unlucky animals across the country find a better life. 


This break out star’s sidekick is a sweet puggle named Sophie.  The pup makes frequent appearances on Kramer’s Twitter and FB feeds and lets the world know that her mom is ready to take place in any pet related event.  Kramer lent her star power to the 2012 Glitter and Glam event to benefit the Agape Animal Rescue and with the help of other country loving pet parents, helped hundreds of pets find loving homes.


The pet-zet team would like to thank you country ladies for showing that your star power can shine on pets who are waiting for loving, forever and ever homes.   BRAVO!  pz

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