Another pet-zet hero.  Carrie Ann Inaba



Another pet-zet hero.  Carrie Ann Inaba

January 3, 2014

Who knows what catalysts will spur us to become active in animal rescue communities.  Some people gravitate naturally, others sometimes get a push from an unexpected and sometimes furry friend.


For “Dancing with the Stars” judge, Carrie Ann Inaba, it was the death of her beloved 19-year old cat, Shadow. 

“His passing was a catalyst.  He was my best friend and had been through so much with me.  After losing him I realized that it was time to get involved.”  Obviously, from her actions, she meant it.  Inaba created a new web show on Petsami’s YouTube channel.  “Crib Cat.”  The show is a collection of webisodes, each featuring an adoptable shelter cat, hand picked by Inaba. 


She is a celebrity ambassador to Best Friends Animal Society and has participated in a PETA campaign.  In May, 2012, she hosted the Humane Society’s 26th Genesis Awards.


According to Inaba, working with animal rescuers has changed her life as much as the lives of the animals she helps find homes. While she acknowledges that you can’t save every shelter animal, getting involved and giving it your best try is massively rewarding.

Of course, when you work in a candy shop some sweets inevitably make it home and Carrie Ann is no exception.  A fostering session of 8-year old Boxer, Cookie, turned into a full on adoption.  Cookie joins Inaba’s six cats, Squeaker, Taz, Zeus, Mia, Bubble and Miley.


And all will be included in her upcoming nuptials.

Carrie Ann, pet-zet salutes your efforts and your sterling example for others.  pz

sources: Petsami and People Magazine

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