Amos & Archie.  Andy Warhol’s Real Inspirations!


Amos & Archie.  Andy Warhol’s Real Inspirations!

January 24, 2014

Obviously on a Will Rogers riff, Andy Warhol once wrote, “I never met a pet I didn’t like.”


And Dachshunds, Amos & Archie must have agreed.  Archie was Warhol’s first Dachshund and became his constant companion in the early 70’s and something of an alter ego.  Whenever Warhol chose not to answer a question directly he deflected the offending query to Archie.  (Archie could not be reached for comment at the publish date of this article).




Warhol often used his canine companions as subjects, down to their literal footprints on some of his works.


The artist had a long history of loving animals, from his childhood family mutt, Lucy, in the 40’s to the dozen or so Siamese cats, all named Sam (except for one, Hester).  The infamous Factory had resident cats Black Lace and White Pussy, but Amos and Archie seem to be favorite models at the studio for his color soaked creations.

Jamie Wyeth immortalized the duo in what may have paved the way for countless pet portraitists to follow.  pz

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