A Look at Hollywood’s, “No Animals Were Harmed®”

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A Look at Hollywood’s, “No Animals Were Harmed®”

February 28, 2014

We’ve all seen the “No Animals Were Harmed®" disclaimer at the end of the movies.  But where did it come from and what does it really mean? Since the opening of the American Humane Association’s famed Film and TV Unit, the organization has protected more than ONE MILLION animal actors in the production of filmed media, on both the large and small screens.


The AHA’s Los Angeles based Film and TV unit is the film and television industry’s only officially sanctioned animal monitoring program.  The staff is made up of highly trained Certified Animal Safety Representatives who, today, ensure the safety and humane treatment of more than 100,000 animals a year on some 2,000 TV and film sets. 


------The Film and TV Unit has exclusive on-site jurisdiction from the Screen Actor’s Guild to supervise the use of animals in movies, TV shows, commercials and short films.  Their LA based representatives work wherever the film industry takes them to protect animal rights all over the globe.


Published guidelines are used by screenwriters, producers and directors to use as a resource to entertain, but keep safety first.  It’s incredible when we think of some of the dramatic scenes that no animal was hurt.  And we have this organization to thank for it.


But perhaps we should let Hollywood speak for itself.

Steven Spielberg, Director, “Warhorse”
“I kept emphasizing from the very outset that the horses have to be safe.  Not even a scratch.  I wanted American Humane to be part of all the action--it was a vital collaboration.”

Reese Witherspoon, Actress, “Water for Elephants”
“They’re very conscience of how the animals are treated and  were on the set every day to make sure the animals were provided safe facilities and safe transportation.”

Matt Damon, Actor, “We Bought A Zoo”
“There are always shortcuts that will be more cost effective so there has to be somebody there to be a voice for the animals.”

Jon Turteltaub, Director, “National Treasure I & II”
“Nothing should be harmed when you make a movie.  So give yourself that break.  Have American Humane there.”

Clint Eastwood, Actor, Director
“American Humane has fought hard to protect our four-legged performers though intensive on-set monitoring of films in production.”

Anthony Hopkins, Actor
“Without the caring, watchful eye of American Humane, cruelty to animals would surely occur and for this I am grateful that such a fine organization exists.”


Kudos to the "No Animals Were Harmed®" Film and TV Unit! 

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