Smiling Pups, a Retriever with a Nose for Murder, and a Kitten Primer.

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Smiling Pups, a Retriever with a Nose for Murder, and a Kitten Primer.

December 28, 2013


Dog Joy:The Happiest Dogs in the Universe

by the editors of The Bark

Do dogs really smile?


This delightful anthology of photos collected from the readers of The Bark magazine sets off to prove that pups can smile, laugh, snicker and share in a good joke.


Since its launch twelve years ago, The Bark has become hailed as The New Yorker of dog magazines. Dog Joy was inspired by a reader who sent in a photo of her grinning dog and suggested a contest. Readers enthusiastically responded and for the past eight years dog lovers everywhere have been sending in their photos for this beautiful and humorous anthology.


It’s proof positive that not only do dogs have a keen sense of humor; their happiness is completely and utterly infectious.





We're Having a Kitten

by Eric Swanson, DVM

Bringing home a new furry baby comes with lots of decisions—and some can be made before you even go looking. This guide will help you understand the behaviors of many breeds and helps you select the one that most perfectly matches your personality and environment.


Looking for a laid back, comfortable pal? Persians and Scottish folds are renowned for their loving dispositions. Ragdolls are outgoing and friendly, and Bombays are jokesters and can learn tricks.


The book features questionnaires for you and profiles of over 40 cat breeds so you can make the purrrr-fect match.





In Dog We Trust

by Neil Plakcy

Steve Levitan is a convicted felon who ended up that way due to his inability to resist a little computer hacking on the side. Newly free and equally newly divorced, he returns to his hometown in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where he lands a job teaching English part time at a local college.


But within this sleepy hamlet lies murder, deceit and Rochester, the Golden Retriever he inherits from the murder victim, who helps him solve the crime.








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by Rahma Krambo





What is My Cat Thinking?: The Essential Guide to Understanding Pet Behavior

by Gwen Bailey


Paws and Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs

by Sharon R. Sakson



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