How to Celebrate “Be Kind to Animals Week” with Puzzi Chat!

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How to Celebrate “Be Kind to Animals Week” with Puzzi Chat!

April 24, 2014

Bonjour Puzzi’s pet-zetters!  Zi time it iz exciting!!!  Puzzi iz getting ready to salut zi pets once more during zi very special week.  From May 5-12, zi American Humane Association and all of zi U.S.A celebrates “Be Kind to Animals Week!”

Zi event has zi rich history, no?  Oui!  Since 1915 zi organization has celebrated zi pets each and every year.  Zi annual tradition commemorates the roles animals play in zi life of zi humans and promote ways in which to treat zi animals humanely.  During zis week zi organization focuses especially on educating zi children on zi importance of treating pets with zi proper respect and. well....amour!  Zi event iz celebrated only one week but iz meant to raise awareness and encourage zi human to extend zi kindness throughout zi year.


Ah, and zere is much to celebrate.  Shelters all over zi country feature American Humane Association’s merchandise and information about adoption.  And zi annual, "Be Kind to Animals Week Kid Contest" recognizes zi children who go above and beyond to create zi better world for animals.     Tres` Bon!


What can you do to celebrate?  Why ask Puzzi!  Moi has assembled a few tips from zi American Humane Association to get you started.  And since you are zi intelligent and creative pet-zetters, Puzzi knows zis will only get your little grey brain cells activated to fashion your own chic celebrations.

Speak Out For Animals
Investigate zi policies and legislations that impact animals in your community.

To receive action alerts from the American Humane Society.

Be an Advocate
Wiz zi click of zi mouse you can speak out for animals when you spot cruelty or inhumane treatment.

Take Care of Your Pet
Pets need you to care for them to keep them healthy.  Celebrate zi week by making sure zi pets in your home have up to date vaccinations and are wearing up to date identification.

Adopt from a Shelter
Ah, pet-zetters, I, zi fabulous Puzzi was rescued from zi shelter.  So you see, shelter dogs & cats are fabulous too....and waiting for you.

What a purr-fect week to adopt zi new family member.  (purr-fect...ah, Puzzi makes zi little joke!)

For information on how to register and be an animal advocate, visit  today!  pz

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