About pet-zet

pet-zet... What’s in a name?  Lots!


pet-zet is derived from the word, gazette which is an official journal or newspaper, particularly for an organization, or in this case, the organization of dogs & cats all over the world. There’s nothing quite like it... And on top of that…it’s really fun to say!


pet-zet's mission?

...to enrich and save the lives of dogs & cats who, through no fault of their own, find themselves homeless and alone. Our goal is to educate, engage and entertain our readers to raise awareness of animal issues and charities, provide information to improve the lifestyles of dogs and cats, AND have some FUN!

A percentage of all pet-zet profits go to charities who help to save and transport these wonderful animals to forever loving homes and no-kill shelters throughout the country.


Our pet-zet editorial team of zany puppets, animations, and humans bring you and your pets the latest news, expert advice, art & style, travel tips, pet loving (and pet!) celebrities, original cartoons, conversations with other pet people and of course, the one and only BOB, our Feline on the Frontline video reviewer.

Here’s how we roll:

MONDAY- PZ NEWS featuring our hard news editor Walter K. Hunt with a nose for NEWS

TUESDAY- EXPERTS information from our guest writers including vets, trainers, behaviorists and more

WEDNESDAY- TRAVEL with our intrepid Aussi Chihuahua host Sydney

THURSDAY- ART & STYLE with Puzzi Chat our Frensh fashion fireball

FRIDAY- CELEBRITY PROFILE with insider lowdown on America’s famed ones plus our highlighted CHARITY OF THE WEEK  

SATURDAY- BOOKS featuring great reads for all ages and ZINEMA  with our video "Feline on the Frontline", BOB Cat.

SUNDAY- Of course “FUNNIES” & a TREAT!

Monday the cycle starts all over again with new features every day.  pz

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